A Theater in Paris

During my year abroad in Versailles, France I worked on two major studio projects. The first was a community theater and gallery space in a Northern Paris. A 300 seat theater was the main focus of the program, but also a public gallery, cafe and support spaces were incorporated in the design. This theater, along with an existing nearby public library were meant to create a social center for a diverse Paris neighborhood. The project was undertaken in a group of three students. Each member of the group influenced the design and presentation of the project.

The design concept for the theater was spawned from observing the street life surrounding the site and existing library. Due to a high volume of pedestrian traffic, and the
compact nature of the site. It was decided to close Rue Fluery to vehicular traffic. This would create a large public gathering space, complimenting the theater and existing library. The curves of the theater entry level form a link with the street, inviting in pedestrians from the newly created pedestrian path. These curves are carried through the first floor into an ampitheater, cafe and entry lobby.

The juxtaposition of curves and rectangles is also reflected in section. The curved ceiling of the entry level creates the form of the theater floor above, in addition to masking the structure and mechanical equipment.

Fall '05 – University of Illinois, School of Architecture