Ungated: A Park, A Market in the Delmar Corridor

St. Louis is a divided city; this divide is exemplified in the Delmar Corridor stretching from the Delmar Loop, east to the heart of the Central West End. This corridor is defined by the disparity between north and south, often within the span of two city blocks; one could find the wealthiest inhabitants of St. Louis and some of the most disparaging conditions in the city. The divides are enforced by a series of road blocks, fences, gatehouses and one way streets that make access to these neighborhoods difficult, and in some instances whole sections of the city will have only one access point. The Ruth Porter Mallway, an underutilized north-south oriented park at the intersection of Delmar Boulevard and DeBaliviere Avenue, provides a unique opportunity to break down these barriers by instilling a market architecture that will serve as the basis for a larger urban intervention.he role of architecture in conflict resolution, my degree project, the culmination of my Master of Architecture program at Washington University, is exploring the positive impact a market place can have in the divided Delmar Corridor of Central St. Louis.

Degree Project – Washington University in St. Louis